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Thanks for visiting my new website. This gives me an opportunity to share more about myself with you.   


I have always gravitated to "hands-on" building, and love quality woodwork. I really enjoy working with my clients to design ways to meet specific needs and desires. To be able to follow thru to build the project we design is a most satisfying aspect for me. I like working with non-rectilinear elements, making curved parts for reception desks, stairways, etc


You will see here a wide range of projects, both commercial and residential. I have tried to show some details as well as overviews, and also a few of the design development sketches that are relevant.

I feel fortunate to live in the central coast. My home is in Mission Oaks in Solvang. My workshop is nearby in rural Buellton, under shade trees and next to a beautiful pond and open fields, recently they were planted with 5 acres of yellow marigolds! Being on the central coast is good because I can get to clients in either LA or SF in a few hours, assuming that I don't get stuck in big city traffic along the way!    

My hobby interest has always been cars. First, I owned a bunch of Alfa Romeos, MGs and Packards. But my most enduring interest is in woody cars from the '30s thru 1950.  I have owned and worked several Chrysler and Plymouth woodies, and I currently have a 1949 Chevy truck woodie being restored as a streetrod on a S10 chassis. I have worked on many Fords for various customers and friends. I have provided an online gallery of some great woodies that I photograph at car shows, etc.  

And I also have a hobby of drawing cars and making rubber stamps of these cars (especially woodies). Every cabinetmaker looks for something to do with the lovely cut-off scraps of beautiful hardwoods that always accumulate in a busy shop. I have an Ebay store to sell these, check out .... Rubber Meets The Road

Thank you to my wonderful customers who have sent me reference letters. I have put a few here, and there are many more that space does not allow me to post. If you are looking at a specific type of project, I can provide more specific references to relevant past projects, on request.


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