Bruce Trueman Architectural Fabrications





Medical/Dental/Legal Offices

We have designed and built many reception desks and workstations for a wide variety of commercial offices.  Good design integrates the woodwork with the architecture, enhances functionality, and beautifies the space.

Featured projects:

  1.   Livewell Medical, San Bruno, CA
        — New Construction; Pediatrics Clinic,

  2.        Nautical theme

  3.   Mall Management Offices, San Bruno, CA

  4.    —  Reception desk, casework; Plastic Laminate

  5.    San Francisco Water Dept. Hq., Millbrae, CA

  6.     — Remodel, curved reception desk, Corian

  7.   Law Offices, Paso Robles, CA

  8.     — Remodel; reception desk, workstations

Restaurant/Retail/Public Works

Working with leading architects and interior designers, we strive to support their vision and solve detail problems as needed to accomplish the vision.  We are proud of being on time and on budget, for projects large and small.

Featured projects:

  1.   Shops at Tanforan, San Bruno, CA

  2.     — Food Court (curved) tables and seating

  3.   Brea Mall, Brea, CA

  4.     — Food Court counters and planters

  5.   Drager’s Market, San Mateo, CA

  6.     — Large interior inc. escalator lobby, store fixtures

  7.   Viognier Restaurant/Cooking School,

  8.     San Mateo, CA — Maple cabinetry

  9.   Mercer Storefront, Palo Alto, CA

  10.     — Turn-of-the-Century style architectural

  11.         woodwork, paint grade

  12.   Regional Airport Terminal Lobby,

  13.     Paso Robles, CA  — Architectural woodwork

  14.   California Forestry Dept. Air Attack Center,

  15.    Paso Robles, CA — Air traffic control room, cabinetry

  16.   Burlingame Public Library, Burlingame, CA

  17.     — Architectural woodwork and cabinetry, dark 

  18.        antiqued quarter-sawn White Oak

  19.   Oxnard Public Library, Oxnard, CA

  20.     —  Architectural woodwork, Ash

  21.   Peninsula Center Library, Palos Verdes, CA

  22.     — Architectural woodwork and cabinetry, Maple and

  23.         Plastic Laminate




Working with homeowners and general
contractors, we offer a full range of integrated design and production services for custom residences.  The unity of the whole home is carefully considered.  Clever touches and quality design help make the living space a delight.

Featured projects:

  1.   Residence, New Construction, San Luis Obispo, CA

  2.     — Cabinetry, Maple with Mahogany trim

  3.   Residence, New Construction, Frenchwood, CA

  4.     — Pine country kitchen

  5.   Residence, New Construction, Shandon, CA

  6.     — Raised-panel cabinetry, Alder

  7.   Residence, New Construction, Avila, CA 

  8.     — Cabinetry, Mahogany and Teak


Transformation is what Remodeling is all about. It is great to see how different a given space can be when enhanced with custom features that "kick it up" a notch!  We love making curved corner cabinets, curved trim, arches, and more!

Featured projects:

  1.   Residence, Remodel, Atascadero, CA 

  2.     — Curved doorways and curved corner cabinet

  3.          doors, Maple

  4.   Residence, Remodel, Half Moon Bay, CA

  5.     — Cedar barrel vaulted ceiling, Cherry arch

  6.         at Pass-thru

  7.   Residence, Remodel of Barn,  Templeton, CA

  8.     — Western-style Classic cowboy bar

  9.   Residence, Remodel,  Atascadero, CA

  10.     — Furniture, sideboard, Oak